Personalized services we provide for a flawless coat that lasts

We are here to serve you with personalized service as we understand that every project brought to us is unique! While some customers may need powder coating or FBE services, others may need to simply clean up or prep a project with sandblasting only. Either way we are here for you, to help achieve the desired finish for your project.


In order to attain a flawless finish, our technicians will perform sandblasting/wheel blasting on items that require this service in the prep process. Our trained technicians understand the importance of prepping your items with diligence making sure to achieve an end result to meet complete satisfaction. Sandblasting can be performed on virtually any surface made of metal to ensure the surface is clear for a new coat. Some examples are, iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass.


The list is endless when it comes to items that can be powder coated. In fact, a great number of household items in your home or work place right now are powder coated and you probably never even thought about it! Any metal surfaced item can be powder coated if properly prepped meaning no other surfaces attached such as rubber, cloth/leather, or plastic, as these would melt in the baking process after coating. Bare metal items are ideal for powder coating, here is list of examples for the endless possibilities.


Southwest Powder of Arizona wants you to be completely satisfied with the end result of your project. If there is damage to your item, its best to repair the damages before applying a fresh coat of powder paint. Depending on item and damage, some repair services we can offer are welding, filler, bonding, and sanding. These for example would be suggested for deep gauges in steel metal, although not so much for aluminum. This would help ensure a smooth sleek finish.


A new technology used as a method of removing existing powder coating, mill scale rust or any other unwanted matter on any material is called Laser Ablation or Photoablation. This method is the safest, most effective, and environmentally friendly way to remove deposited color or matter off an item. This removal is done by irradiating the item with a laser light. When this concentrated laser light hits the surface it completely ablates the existing powder/unwanted matter while leaving the surface intact. With this new technique for removal, this will dramatically cut time on preparation for your item to be coated which means we get your job done on faster turnaround. Unlike the popular sandblasting method, the pressure force on the surface is at zero. For thin items, or a material that can easily be bowed say for instance a classic car panel, less pressure is safer for your item to remain in original form. With this option we truly can accommodate any items you bring to us for coating.


Fusion bonding also known as FBE (fusion bonding epoxy) is typically used for steel pipe protection against corrosion, protection for reinforcement bars, turbo surfaces, girth welds, fittings, and a variety of piping connections and valves. This thermoset polymer coating lies under the protective paint category because once completed it cannot return back to the original form and is incredibly resilient against corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack. The epoxy in FBE is due to the resin cross-linking and the application method differing from traditional paint application as well. The resin and hardener components in dry powder FBE stock will not react in a normal storage condition. A typical coating application temperature ranges from 356-482 degrees F where it then melts by chemical cross-linking assisted by heat, creates an even solid smooth protective coating. A normal powder coating is measured at 4-5 mil. , whereas FBE coats measure at 15.75-19.68 mil. which shows the added protection in that alone. Whatever project you have that needs the most enduring protection necessary, you can rest assured knowing our professional technicians will complete your project to meet or exceed your standards guaranteed.



We have delivery trucks and trailers to meet your needs for a job of any size. We can pick up your items if you need, and we can also deliver as well. We also are happy to send out a SWP representative to view your items to be coated to be able to give you an estimate for the job at hand. We are here at your service, let us know how we can help you today.