It is our #1 goal for our customers to walk away 100 percent satisfied. Accomplishing this takes much attention, precision, and technique handled by trained and talented technicians who are experts in every stage of the process. Your project is just as important to us as to you and more, therefore we take all necessary steps to make sure your items come out exactly if not better than you envisioned. To give some insight as to what the process is for your project brought back to life, here is a quick look at what we do.


The sand blasting process is extremely effective. However, blasting different types of surfaces with microscopic particles using high pressure and extreme velocity can be quite dangerous. If these particles are inhaled, they can cause serious health issues. They can also be harmful to the surrounding environment.

Our experienced, well-equipped professionals know exactly what to do to ensure that our services are provided safely and effectively. We use the best equipment and always take the right safety precautions. We protect everyone in the vicinity of the process and always use procedures that respect the environment. Our experts wear specially designed (OSHA approved) equipment and take safety precautions that protect the surrounding population and environment as well.


Sand blasting is the process of forcibly propelling a stream of small abrasive material or media as it’s called which can be grit blast, aluminum oxide, walnut shells, steel shots, glass bead, plastic bead, soda blasting, ice blasting, dry ice blasting, laser blasting, and other media at a high velocity against numerous types of surfaces using intense pressure. The media efficiently strips away surface coatings, corrosion, old paint, rust, oil, and other kinds of surface blemishes and imperfections. It can be used on glass and other hard surfaces for etching and to add a smooth surface profile to prepare surfaces for new coatings. The effect is like that of using sandpaper, however it is much faster and more accurate. It provides a more even finish with no problems at corners, crannies, or hard to reach places.

We have a few sandblasting options depending on the job we are completing. For larger items or items with mill scale, our sandblasting tech will sandblast this in one of our larger booths for items up to 40’x 60’ using a media of copper slag. The next step is to prep by sanding by hand with a sanding machine/ grinder mill making sure all edges and corners are smoothed out.

For large items that are already painted, we first bake them to aid in removing the existing coat with sandblasting. After baking, we sandblast and prep with the grinder/sander and follow with an air gun to rid of any leftover loose particles.


We have a special cabin for wheels/rims that need sandblasting. This machine can blast commercial wheels in 4 min! There are many types of media as we mentioned to blast with, in this case for wheels we use steel shots which have proven for us to be most effective. Upon completion of blasting, we then air blow to ensure a clean smooth application for powder. No prep is needed for wheels as the steel shots are highly effective.


Once your items are precisely prepared, we spray a fine mist of electrostatic color particles over the surfaces of your item(s). The process uses a powder mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and resin which is electrostatically sprayed onto the surface to be coated. The charged powder particles adhere to the electrically grounded surface until heated (baked) at extremely high temperatures which bonds and fuses the color into a smooth coating in a curing oven.


Depending on the project at hand, determines the oven that will be used. Aside from a standard oven or oversized there is also an automated conveyor line for smaller parts that can run through slowly as well. The oven is to ensure that the powder color bonds well and is set at maximum durability. The item is then cooled and inspected thoroughly before packing and delivery.



When Henry Ford offered his Model T color choices he said, “You can have any color you want…as long as it’s black.” Thank goodness those days are long gone! We are here to tell you the sky is the limit, let your imagination run wild because we have thousands of colors available for you to choose from (unless you want black we still got that too). Given the variety of items and jobs that require powder coat finishes, it only makes sense to give you a variety of options to finish with! We carry over 200 colors in stock, however we aim to please, so if there is a color or finish we don’t have, we can surely order it for you no problem. In addition to many colors to choose from, there is also a variety of textures to choose from as well. Some items may need to be smooth and sleek while others may need a bit of a texture for non-slip safety, or maybe a gate for example that would look nice with a little hammered texture we got that too! SWP uses the world’s best powder coating paint from the best companies in the world. We not only offer their entire selection of colors and textures, we can customize them as well. So, if you see the color and texture you love, we can get it for you, no problem. If you can only find something close to what you want in the hundreds of choices available in stock, we will alter it to meet your specific desires. Any color, any texture, we make it happen.