In order to accommodate jobs of all sizes we are well prepared to make sure your job gets done in a timely manner. We have 3 sandblasting booths to start. One booth sizes up to 40’ x 60’ ft, and can accommodate items up to 10ft tall. This booth uses copper slag as the media. For your rims/wheels, we have a wheel blaster specifically designed for this kind of item using steel shots. With this technique the tech can complete sandblasting on commercial wheels in 4 min. Next is our cabinet blaster which is used for items up to 30” x 30” and uses aluminum oxide as the media, however all kinds of media can also be used for this as well.


We want to make sure there’s room for everyone! It is priority to get your item coated for you asap! To do this, we have 3 spray booths. First is our line booth. WE HAVE AN AUTOMATED CONVEYOR LINE! Yes, we have a 3-stage washer and dryer powder coating line! This is perfect for a ton of smaller items or even bigger items up to 45” x 70” in multiples. Items will be hung and prepped properly and will run on an automated conveyor line which stops when the item comes into the booth. This 6’ x 10’ booth can hold up to 2 powder coaters to get the job done more efficiently. Our next 2 booths are our batch line booths. which hold a bit bigger item/s to coat. These booths measure up to 35ft and can be operated by 2 powder coaters at a time making sure your items are ready on time for you!


We are proud to provide you with not 1 but 4 ovens! One of the advantages we have here at SWP is something not all powder coating facilities have, which is a 35-foot oven! This oven is also 7.5-feet wide and 7.5-feet tall making it ideal for those extra long items to be able to just slide on in without worry. For large but not too large items we have 2 more ovens, one measuring at 8’ x 8’ x 25’ and the other at 8’ x 8’ x 12’. We also have a 35-foot oven on our automated line that is capable of handling thousands of pieces a day


We understand that some jobs are just too big to haul around, so we’d love to help. We have delivery trucks with multiple size beds to fit any job. Let us know beforehand so we can take the necessary steps in planning to ensure the safety of your items.